Acid in Your Stomach Lab!!

In the water dissolving lab we had to figure out if name brand antacid was better than not name graphbrand antacid, by putting it in vinegar. My hypothesis was that they would work the same no matter if they are name brand or name brand. I thought this because they should work the same just because one has a name brand doesn’t mean they are going to be different.

When we did our lab it turned out to be way different because it turned out that the name brand antacid didn’t dissolve in the vinegar as much it just floated on top. But the generic brand dissolved all the way. First we poured 25 ml of vinegar into 4 cups. The vinegar represented the acid in our stomach and it is 5% acetic acid. Then we used the pH paper and its color scale to find the pH of the vinegar and recorded it. Next we chose 4 antacids. We crushed it up and put them into the vinegar to see how they reacted with the vinegar. We used 2 name brand and 2 generic brands.  Then we let it stand for 1 minute and then we tested the pH of the antacid and vinegar. When we put the name brands into the vinegar they floated on top of the vinegar and then when we put the generic ones into the vinegar they both dissolved fast. So in this lab we figured out that the name brand antacids worked better than the generic brands.


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